Crucial Companion EP

by Kate Faust

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I sit alone in my room and I wonder I change the sheets and I rearrange the furniture as I make room for all these new feelings I have to sing just to bring on the healing Windows and doors can no longer contain me My legs are stronger and nothing can restrain me My eyes can see that my heart is still beating Despite a world that is so hollow and misleading Here and now, oh come go with me We're about to feel The walls are falling down, so is the ceiling The city's crying out for it's revealing it's only flesh and blood that you're concealing Stop running from the flood and bring on the healing Take off the costumes that make you bland and ageless you weren't born to be so shallow and so shameless it's through a broken lens that we've been living now all the shades are gone and finally we're seeing
no matter what I say I always feel I give myself away and everywhere I go I always wish that I was somewhere else I get a leg up on you but then I'm two steps back I can't observe myself without observing what I lack all these untruths start tearing me open spinning me in all directions It's a matter of trust it's a matter of intuition it's a matter of trust letting go of your inhibition if you gotta believe in someone, know yourself I feel a shift but then it all starts to break down and I forget about the silver lining to the clouds I refuse to believe what is in front of me a life that doesn't fit what I think it ought to be I'm getting tired of swimming upstream it's time to let the tide take me don't you forget all the things you said you knew to be true let it ride, don't you see? that it's the endless tide of all our history don't chase it, don't run you've got to believe you'll know when your time has come it's a matter of trust
crucial companion, cruel conspirator divine creator, mischievous instigator crucial companion, thorn in my of my life crucial companion, heavy with destiny bring yourself close to me, that I might see crucial companion, I offer my pension for your poison please let us lay down in the wicked wild where we'll stay gone crucial companion, bringer of omens I wait in wonder, cut myself open I walk the path with you, I lay no traps...don't need a map if we stay we will be changed if we stay stay with me, change with me
heartbeat 03:46
heartbeat asunder crawling out from under you big, big love I wait in wonder, drown in your aura the colors swallow me up Let me have a piece of your dream Let me be the peace that you need heartbeat like thunder oh, can you feel it coming from me now? a storm when you're around heartbeat asunder put it back together with your big, big love can you feel it coming from me now?
all this suffering, it's got to amount to something more than just a tear or two big enough to drown me and you how did you get here? on the wings of a sad and lonely child where did she come from? I couldn't tell you but she won't be staying long take me to the paradise, I wanna roam and feel my body lie beneath the sun, the earth, the moon and sky I wanna know Take me far away from here and let the noise of dying cities clear so I can sing this song of paradise which I have known would you find me? oh if only you could see inside me or if I could build a map but if we leave we may never come back How did you get here? how can you see me when nobody else can? Where did you come from? I wonder where and I'm bringing you along You are the golden king to me, this paradise you bring to me Please don't ever leave, say we'll never leave
there's a stirring in my soul, now that life has become whole let's endeavor always to be present there so many ways to suffer here, in this moment it's so clear I turn away from the darkened glass for you are mine at last it's you and me and the universe you and me and the universe how to hold and to be held, when to lead and how to yield let us ride the changing tide and be present there you to me, a prophecy... the reflection I can see deep within the looking glass for you are mine at last we belong here. I can feel it, sense it.


released November 15, 2012

All songs written and performed by Kate Faust

Produced by Alex Santilli, co-produced by Kate Faust

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Alex Santilli at Spice House Sound

Whistling on "take me to the paradise" by Chris Weyh

Bass on "matter of trust" by Jonathan Colman

Album art by: Eliza Frye


all rights reserved



Kate Faust California

Kate Faust is a singer, songwriter, medium, intuitive, and teacher living near the San Gabriel mountains of California. Learn more about her work at

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